Corporate Advisory Services

In considering Advisory Services, LBIL believes you should KNOW YOUR OPTIONS. The goal of any good business endeavor demands the right combination of vision and focus through practical strategies and realistic tactics. Put LBIL’s first-hand experience and relationships to work exploring, planning and executing for you. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, let our team help you create them.

Our Corporate Advisory Services Include:

Our expert team of professionals are adept in rebuilding the existing capital structure of your Company which will derive optimum value in changing business conditions. Our methods are especially focused on improving the operational efficiency of your Company.

We provide in-depth and complete financial solution which include advice, guidance and service to the issuer especially in ensuring compliance related to financial discloser requirements.

We determine the feasibility of an IPO given your company’s fundamentals including business model and management capability, growth potential and market size, financial track record, shareholders’ objectives etc.

The transformation from a private company to a public enterprise is a life-changing process for any organization and it will continue long after the actual IPO transaction. Our Post Issue Services ease the difficulties of an IPO value journey. 

In the quest for discovering the economic value of an owner’s interest in business, we conduct business valuation, where we consider the relevant industry and business aspects along with historical performance and future growth of the business entity.

We assist companies to assort its internal structure to meet the requirements of the Corporate Governance framework guideline authorized by the regulators.

Our Track Record In Corporate Advisory Services:

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