AlphaPlus (Investments Best Managed)

In the ever changing capital market, managing investment has become an increasingly complex and time consuming process for a company or an individual to handle in isolation. For effective investment, you have to go through the hassle of following tons of financial data and market information continuously. To relieve you from this never ending process, we are here with, our very own discretionary portfolio management service exclusively designed for your investment needs where:

  • Dedicated investment managers will look after your investments with their best judgment and market outlook
  • Investment policy will be specially designed to attain your individual goals and objectives
  • All the market related data and information will be closely monitored on your behalf
  • Appropriate securities will be identified according to your investment needs
  • Forecasting and judging possible market movements will take place with proper scrutiny
  • Investment process will be highly professional with strict risk analysis
  • Re-balancing of your portfolio will be done according to market scenario and future predication​


For the business entities who want to grow and diversify their assets through capital market investments to achieve goals like

  • Growing funds for future capital expansion & future working capital needs
  • Growing funds to hedge against any future obligation
  • Taking tax benefits through capital market investments
  • Diversifying investments of foreign companies through capital market of Bangladesh

AlphaPlus SPIRIT

Don't be worried about future uncertainties. Let us help you to increase your wealth to meet your individual and family needs.


Fulfills your dreams and desires by taking care of your money at the earlier stages of your investor life cycle.

AlphaPlus NRB

For the expatriates to make them feel like home who wants to contribute to the country's economic development.



  • Corporate : BDT 1,000,000/-
  • Spirit : BDT 5,00,000/-
  • NRB : BDT 5,00,000/-
  • Starter : BDT 2,00,000/-

Minimum Investment Horizon : 1 Year
Loan Facility : Based on investor's preference and BSEC regulations

The funds in discretionary account will be invested in various securities from the approved list considering the risk profile and return expectation of individual clients. The key features are:

  • Portfolio management and asset selection is backed by extensive research and analysis.
  • Daily monitoring of your investment by the portfolio manager and research personnel.
  • Every investment decision by research findings are strictly reviewed and approved by investment committee.
  • Portfolio formation and diversification that is customized for individual customers.
  • High ethical culture and fair dealings for all clients
Sl. No. Particulars Fees/Charges
01 Documentation Charge BDT 500
02 Management Fees 2.5% per annum, on assets value of the portfolio
03 Interest on Margin 15% per annum (Subject to change)
04 Brokerage fee 0.40% of transaction value (Subject to change)
05 Below 1 year termination fee 0.50% on total assets value
  • Take an appropriate level of investment risk
  • Maximize return at that risk level
  • Maintain a level of cash reserve in order to meet short term emergency expenditures
  • Periodically monitor and revise the portfolio as required

Prospective clients of account should consider that portfolio investment in capital market involves certain risk factors, including those set forth below, which are not necessarily exhaustive or mutually exclusive-

  • Portfolio return is significantly dependent on the macro economic situation and on the capital market in particular
  • Illiquidity and the extreme price volatility may significantly impact the portfolio performance. Due to lack of adequate number of securities, the portfolio may not be optimally diversified
  • Appropriate balancing between different asset classes may not be achieved due to absence of active debt market
  • Despite careful selection of stocks, companies may fail to provide expected dividend or make timely disbursements
  • The value of the portfolio assets may be affected by uncertainties such as political or social instability, adverse climatic condition, or change in any law or regulations of the territory

Portfolio manager is committed to adopt a clear and transparent investment process in the area of portfolio composition, securities selection, execution, monitoring and rebalancing. The investment process has been carefully designed to ensure:

  • Independent professional judgment and responsibility in every stratum of decision making
  • Elimination of all sorts of conflicts of interest
  • Fair dealing and objectivity in every transaction
  • Compliance of law and other fiduciary duties

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