Underwriting Services

LBIL provides underwriting services for public issues to create efficiencies in the capital markets and reduce risk for Public Issues, Repeat Offering and Rights Issue. LBIL has underwritten a large number of issues in various industries.

Our Major Underwriting Issues:

  • International Leasing and Financial Services Ltd.
  • aamra technologies limited
  • Envoy Textiles Limited
  • Summit Purbanchol Power Company Limited
  • Argon Denims Limited
  • Fareast Finance & Investment Limited
  • Paramount Textile Limited
  • The Peninsula Chittagong Limited
  • Far East Knitting & Dyeing IndustriesLimited
  • MIDAS Financing Limited
  • Tosrifa Industries Limited
  • United Power Generation & Distribution Co.Ltd.
  • Aman Feed Limited
  • RegentTextile Mills Limited
  • Summit Alliance Port Limited
  • GPH Ispat Limited
  • Pacific Denims Limited
  • IDLC Finance Limited
  • IFIC Bank Limited
  • aamra networks limited

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