With an objective of introducing new investment avenue for potential investors under the Discretionally Portfolio Management Services, Investment Banking Services of LBIL developed new Product named "LankaBangla Nishchinto" in end of 2015

The product is designed to facilitate the investment in capital market, through a monthly investment scheme like DPS.

This new product has added strength to the discretionary product portfolio of LBIL. This investment scheme is best suited for the companies seeking capital market investment opportunities in installments with less risk and high return conformity. "LankaBangla Nishchinto" has added strengths to the discretionary investment in our capital market.

We manage client funds with structured product design including capital guarantee for investment

  • High expected return
  • A better hedge against inflation
  • Blue Chip stocks provide greater liquidity
  • Flexible investment facilities aligned with income
  • Tax rebate on total investment as applicable
  • Minimum deposit of BDT 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 or multiples of BDT 5,000
  • Deposited amount will be invested in blue chip shares/mutual funds/fixed income
  • Investment offered in tenures of 3, 5 or 10 years
  • Investment recommendation backed by fundamental and technical analysis
  • Deposit should be made within 15th of a month
  • Deposit may be paid by deposit slip or through BEFTN
  • There is no reinvestment of profits. Realized profits will be stored separately
Account Opening Fee : BDT 500
Management Fee* : 1% per annum to be charged quarterly on market value
Brokerage Fee* : 0.40 on transaction
Late Payment Fee : BDT 50
Profit Sharing : 50% profit sharing on additional profit, if profit is above 12%
Early Exit Fee : 1% on withdrawal amount, if early exit occurs before twenty four (12) months

For more information: 01766669532, 01766669553