Some potential investors having small savings left for investment, faces problem in making investments. As their investment amount in most cases is too small for investment in secondary market and little opportunity is available to invest that small amount in fixed income securities. Moreover the potential return from investment in fixed income securities is very lower. On a condition like this, AlphaPlus INITIAL will pave the way of investment in primary market with least hassle for those investors.

Major Features

  • Hassel free IPO application
  • Standing instruction can be placed for all the potential IPOs (subject to availability of fund)
  • Assist clients to maximize their return from investment through professional guidance
  • No management fee
Serial No Particulars Fees/ Charges
01. Documentation Charge Tk. 500
02. Brokerage Fee 0.40% of transaction
03. Application Fee (Per IPO Application) Tk. 5
04. Share Allotment Fee (Per Successful IPO Application) Tk. 5
*All charges are subject to change.

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